• Chairman


Colleges are keys to wisdom treasure. More so, are the institutes that offer courses in Architecture. Investments in Architectural education is certainly an enduring investment. It is an eloquent testimony to maximize potentialities and to translate dreams into reality.

     The MMES Academy of Architecture is where ambitions and aspirations revolve round ideas and ideologies, innovations and intelligence. Students, on the campus, will not be tempted to build mansions in the air but will be groomed to excel in acquiring technical proficiency. Professors endowed with exceptional expertise will motivate the learners to fill every valuable minute with sixty seconds of exemplary worth. The educational landscape is widening its frontiers with the advancement of theoretical, practical and professional charisma. To conquer these challenging tribulations, the MMES Academy of Architecture creates avenues for conceptualization and application of what is learnt within the four walls of the classroom.

     This College of Architecture is the eleventh institution in the ever expanding golden chain of educational institutions under the sterling stewardship of the Melvisharam Muslim Educational Society established in 1918. The secret of success of this society is its ambitious will to succeed.

Dr. S. Ziauddeen Ahmed, B.A., D.Litt.,
Chairman & Genreal Secretary, MMES