• Correspondent


A call for admission from the institutions under MMES is a valid passport to students it is an invitation to equip themselves with the academic acumen to scale Everestine heights of professional eminence. MMES has made tremendous strides in Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Collegiate and Engineering education. The MMES Academy of Architecture is a new arrival in all its grandeur.

     It is where the goals that are set are measurable and even achievable. The College will surely pride in its songs of progress to voice in lilting tones of gladness. The mind set of students will be lighted with the torch of sense and sensibility to glow bright and brilliant. The solid infrastructure, well staked library, prolific deliberations in classrooms, exposure to articulation skills, guidance to race with the time, inspiring seminars and symposia, knowledge-oriented workshops, vigilant eye on the attitudinal and behavioral excellences, matchless motivation for self-expression and creativity, luring avenues for decent placements and ever encouraging managing committee do adumbrate the steps to success and progress. With all the academic and technical knowhow on the campus, students can work out their own miracles and fill the time with result-oriented efforts.

     Dear students, plant a seed of hope in your hearts, the MMES will water it to grow.

S.Z. Iftekhar Ahmed, B.Sc.,
Correspondent & Vice-President, MMES