Guiding Principles

While “Designing the Future” reinforces the values of Integrity, Excellence, Impact, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Community that are important for every member of the community; the faculty, students and staff of the MMES ACADEMY OF ARCHITECTURE also live by a set of guiding principles that distinguish its academic, research and service activities.




CREATIVE – The College will nurture and develop creativity because it is fundamental to design and innovation.


COLLABORATIVE – Our students, staff and faculty will be prepared to be important contributors to the interdisciplinary teams that are the hallmark of professional practice today.


INCLUSIVE – The College community will represent and value diverse backgrounds, perspectives, interests and talents. 


RESPONSIBLE – Our students, staff and faculty will strive to be socially and environmentally responsible in our work.


ENGAGED - The College will be engaged with our professional disciplines as well as with the stakeholders impacted by our work.