Melvisharam Muslim Educational Society (MMES)

(1918-2018) 100 Years to the Casue of Education..

        The fabulous jewel of Madras Presidency, Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem Saheb, one of the best respected natives of Melvisharam, was Prince among traders and one time Sheriff of Madras. He cherished a golden dream of transforming his town into a splendid seat of great learning to cater to the educational needs of youth. Like the winds that have no barriers of caste or community, the Nawab's munificence lighted the lamp of joy and contentment in several poverty-ridden families. His colorful dreams have all been realized by the Melvisharam Muslim Educational Society founded in 1918 that strove hard to metamorphose Primary, Secondary and Higher Education into splendid segments of prestine enlightenment irrespective of caste, creed, community or social status. The work continues even now with redoubled zeal and rejuvenating spirit, with student ́s progress and welfare as ultimate goals. The Society's Mission is ennobled in its laudable strivings for the progress of the human society and the country by imparting quality education and by promoting research for the welfare of humanity.

        The Silver Jubilee Celebrations of MMES in 1944, the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 1969, the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1994 and Centenary Celebrations in 2019, had been the richly rewarded trophies in high appreciation of the Society's journey through the realms of 'Education for all'. The illustrious Stalwarts who served and are serving this Educational Society had been and even now are the sparkling human edifices of outstanding guidance. Their exciting endeavour continues to spread the light of education in these Northern parts of Southern India. This Educational Society's commendable strivings have harnessed changes in the educational and engineering scenario on the campuses of the eleven institutions under its stewardship. These institutions have earned the everlasting reputation of the abodes of discipline, sincerity, obedience and studiousness. The Best Performers among students are consistently bagging Ranks, Medals and Cash Awards as valid tokens of their exceptional excellence. Even in Sports & Games, they are winning Silver and Gold Medals and high recognitions in the University, State, National and International Tournaments. The Career Guidance and Placement Cells functioning on the campuses are creating avenues for maximum student recruitment in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Government Establishments, Software Industry etc. The teaching faculty of these institutions has on its rolls Award-Winning teachers of National and International recognition. The miraculous touch of MMES can metamorphose any Course into the most sought after branch of study. The change is wrought not by any magic wand but with sincere and committed efforts.

        Seven Schools and Four Colleges are most efficiently maintained by MMES have gained an unprecedented popularity and earned an everlasting goodwill of students, parents and other stakeholders.


    Islamiah Boys Higher Secondary School

    Islamiah Girls Higher Secondary School

    Hakeem Matriculation School

    Islamiah Boys Primary School

    Islamiah Girls Primary School

    F.M. Primary School

    R.A. Primary School


MMES Academy of Architecture

C.Abdul Hakeem College of Engg. & Tech.

C.Abdul Hakeem College (Autonomous)

MMES Women's Arts & Science College

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