Student Guidance Cell

 Student Guidance Cell

     SGC is platform which can be utilized to improve college lives of students in a professional way. The qualities acquired through this platform have made many go a long way which is having remarkable outcomes in their professional lives in all aspects. SGC also provides numerous opportunities for students to cultivate many different qualities, skills and especially unveil their expertise to lead. It has been conducted diverse events in which many of the students has been taking part to acknowledge their hidden virtuosity. The ultimate goal of SGC is to take the professionalism of all the students to another level capable of competing in their career path with supremacy.

Prof. A. Lenin

Principal, MMES Academy of Architecture
Chairperson, Student Guidance Cell

Prof. A. Ashfaq Ahmed

Vice-Principal, MMES Academy of Architecture
Vice-Chairperson, Student Guidance Cell

Mr. S. Fayaz Ahmed

Manager, MMES Academy of Architecture
Facilitator, Student Guidance Cell

Mr. M. Huzaifa Nisar

2017-2018 Batch
Student President Student Guidance Cell

Ms. Thirsula Devi

2018-2019 Batch
Student Vice - President Student Guidance Cell