Survey Lab

Surveying takes the primary role in planning, designing and execution of any kind of construction activity. Moreover, knowledge in surveying plays a vital role in the professional practice of architects. Laboratory comprises of instruments for distance measurements and for measuring heights of the objects. Laboratory aims with the purpose of enabling students to practice land surveying techniques, using a wide spectrum of surveying equipment. provided with ample time and equipment’s to perform the field exercises on their own. Student use of the lab is preceded by appropriate safety training and instruction on the use and care for the equipment.

Lab Equipment’s:

1 Theodolite
2. Dumpy Level
3. Survey Plane Table
4. Ranging Rods
5. Leveling staff / Cross staff
6. Chains- 10 m and 20 m
7. Surveying tapes / Measuring tape - 30 m
8. Surveyor Compass